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by leveraging AI-powered automation and workflows ” PLUS! $323 Worth Of FREE Bonuses!

“Your business will never be the same after you learn Karl's simple ways to systemize the key parts of your business, align your team, and buy back your time. We've worked less and made more, thanks to what we've learned from Karl.”

Michael Wentz

The Simpler, Less Stressful Way to Scale Your Business!

You can't hustle your way out of overwhelm. If you want to break through plateaus, you've got to focus on the essential few goals, strategies, and systems that will allow your team to execute faster, with less stress and effort with more precision. Inside Hustle Doesn't Scale, you'll find simple ways to:

  • Reduce employee time on low-value tasks.

  • Reduce turnover due to burnout or work-related stress.

  • Hire for attitude and culture fit, instead of aptitude and skills.

  • Map your ideal customer journey, and deliver better, richer experiences for your clients.

  • ​Learn how to rethink your existing business processes to unlock more revenue per employee, lower your total costs, and improve profits without sacrificing product or service quality.

  • ​Understand how employee needs, goals, and desires are quickly shifting, and how to position your company to attract and retain the best talent in the coming 2-5 years.

  • ​Learn why companies that are embracing automation now are gaining significant competitive advantages over companies that are slow to adopt automation and AI.

There's a significant shift happening in the workplace. The competition for great talent is growing every day. Employees have more options than ever before. Learn how to compete with larger companies for the best talent without spending more on labor.

Meet The Author

Karl Krummenacher is an award-winning entrepreneur, INC 5000 CEO, CMO, COO, and President of private and publicly held companies who, after 40+ years, is rethinking work, and how business owners and their employees work together with AI.

You're Getting THREE Special Bonuses (Valued At $323)...



Practical AI Masterclass

With thousands of AI tools flooding the market, how can coaches, consultants and small business owners find the essential few tools that will actually move the needle and improve the bottom line? We'll show you the tools every business needs today to start becoming "Enhanced by AI".

The Practical AI Masterclass will introduce you to AI Powered automated systems and workflows that every business can leverage to dramatically lower costs and improve outcomes. You'll see real-life, practical examples of how every department in your business can leverage AI, and measure the results.

Your marketing team will love how easy it is to plan a year's worth of content - in as little as an hour, or create SEO friendly blogs and social media posts in a fraction of the time.

Your customer service team will love how you can reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction, without adding more representatives or agents to your staff.

Your finance and accounting team will love how easy it is to create real-time dashboards that show you a 360 degree view of your company performance without spending thousands on complicated analytics tools, or spending months building your own.

Everyone in your company will love having their own "Intelligent Companions" that make training near real-time, reduce their tedious work, and allow everyone to spend more time in Creative / collaborative work.

  • Beginner friendly: No technical experience required.

  • ​Actionable content: Not theory. Real use cases to deploy now.

  • ​Playbooks included: Easily followed recipes to start automating.

(Value $197)


The Ultimate Prompt Builder

Everyone's heard of Chat GPT, the conversational chat tool that allows you to generate virtually any kind of textual content, analyze data, or create images. The key to great results: finely tuned, professionally written prompts, curated from the thousands of AI-written garbage prompts commonly found online.

What most people don't know is that you can get GPT to write, evaluate, and improve prompts for you!

There's no need to comb through thousands of junk prompts, trying variation after variation to get results you can trust (and use) when the Ultimate Prompt Generator creates the best prompts, showing you sample output so that you can see exactly what's possible. (There's hundreds of the best pre-made prompts too!)

Don't waste time with trial and error in GPT. Save time by quickly finding the optimal prompt for your specific use. Our AI-Powered Prompt Base will help you find it!

  • Save time: Quickly find or create the prompt you need

  • Better Results: The top prompts by category

  • Get Superpowers: You won't believe what GPT can do

(Value $79)


Less Hustle, More Scale Community

Over the next 5-10 years, business owners will experience the most fundamental change in how work is done since the Industrial Revolution.

The arrival of AI, combined with the changing wants, needs, and desires of employees, requires companies to navigate more change in less time than at any other point in history. The key to not just surviving, but thriving - while creating your (and your team's) dream company - is to create an environment where you eliminate non-productive, tedious work, and make space for everyone to be more creative and collaborative.

The Less Hustle, More Scale community is where business owners can ask questions, get answers and learn what other businesses are doing to incorporate AI-powered systems and workflows in their personal AND workplace life.

Collaborate with coaches, consultants and small business owners and learn what's working right now, what's hot, and what to avoid as you navigate the AI Revolution.

(Value $995 Priceless)

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The book and over $300 in bonuses is just $0.99 during the pre-launch period. After that, you'll only be able to get the book at regular price wherever books are sold, and the bonuses will be gone. We wouldn't dream of asking you to purchase a book you don't absolutely love and believe will fundamentally change how you support your customers, team members, and company - so that you'll not just survive the AI Revolution, you'll thrive.

If you don't believe the book, AI Masterclass, Ultimate Prompt Base, and Private Community aren't worth 50x the cost of the book, let me know, and I'll personally send you $50 for your time and trouble.

What Are Business Owners Saying About

“Hustle Doesn't Scale”

“Karl put to words what we've all felt - we needed to adapt or risk losing great employees. Jobs are far less transactional. Employees want more. This book lays out how to rethink work.”

Nada Guru

"We had to hustle to get our business started. We didn't have funding. We never learned how to transition to scale. Hustle Doesn't Scale reads like my company's biography. I thought it was just us."

Mary Deni

“Karl is great at making complex ideas simple. I thought AI was beyond my reach, but Karl showed us how our entire team can work less and earn more by intentionally automating our core systems.”

Fred Savage

“I LOVE this book for so many reasons, but the biggest: we all can win together. My team and I all want the same things - less work, more income. Getting aligned, and creating win/win scenarios without big capital outlay - Genius.”

Nada Guru

“Simple. Actionable. Easy to read. I'm gave copies to everyone on my team so that we could all get on the same page. I finally feel like we have a simple road map to get everyone aligned and owning their lane.”

Millie Donald

“What a wake-up call. I thought 12 hour days were required if you wanted to build a profitable company. Karl showed us how to align our goals, teams and systems so we all win. We're doing less, making more.”

Laura Daniels

Here's Just a Sample of What

You'll Find Inside My New Book - Hustle Doesn't Scale:

Confessions of a Hustler - The Journey from Hustle & Grind, to Rise & Shine!

Work, Reimagined - Transforming the modern workforce with Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent Companions - Augmenting team talent for pennies a day with AI-enhanced VAs

Practical AI - Real-World AI of AI For Coaches, Consultants and Service Professionals

AI + HI = ROI - Multiplication by subtraction. How to work less, earn more, & enjoy work again

Here's A Recap Of EVERYTHING You're Getting When You Pre-Order Today:

Just pre-order the Kindle Version TODAY for only $0.99 on the next page and get, free of charge:

“Hustle Doesn't Scale Book" Workbook - (Value $20)​

FREE BONUS #1: “Applied AI Masterclass” – In just 4 short masterclass lessons, you'll learn what's possible with AI-powered automation and workflows for your business (Value $95)​

​FREE BONUS #2: “Ultimate Prompt Generator”– Power Prompt Generator & Library (Value $79)​

​FREE BONUS #3: “Less Hustle, More Scale Community”– Join other business owners making the transition from hustle and grind to plan and automate - sharing what's working now, which tools are favorites for a given task, and how others are applying AI in their businesses (Value $995 Priceless)​


Today's Price: FREE!

About The Author

Over the last 37 years, Karl's held leadership roles in publicly and privately held companies, advised notable public figures, and was an INC. 5000 CEO. He's advised startups to Fortune 100 companies and lectured at the John C. Cook School of Business at St. Louis University, where he shared the joys and perils of entrepreneurship.

Karl has also helped business owners fall back in love with their companies, and develop self-managed teams, freeing their founders from the day-to-day grind of their business. With a lifelong passion for systems and technology, Karl loves finding simple, elegant, scalable solutions to sticky problems.

A people-first leader who sees the potential in augmenting human talent, not replacing it, Karl strikes the perfect balance between hustle and scale.


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